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Anthony Zwaga, Licensed Masters in Social Work 

Provides therapy, individual debriefs, and wellness visits

Anthony Zwaga is an Army Veteran and licensed social worker.  In 2015 Anthony took his first step towards becoming a therapist by graduating from the University of Wisconsin – Madison with a Bachelor’s degree in Rehabilitation Psychology.  In 2019, Anthony completed his Masters of Social Work degree with a major in Physical, Mental, and Behavioral Health and a minor in Trauma Informed Care at the University of Wisconsin -Milwaukee.  During graduate school, Anthony interned as a trauma-informed care crisis worker in Milwaukee’s most dangerous and in-need communities.  Since then, Anthony has specialized in working with veterans, first responders, and individuals who have experienced significant exposure to trauma on the west and south sides of Chicago. 


Over the past couple of years, Anthony has worked side by side with Chicago’s first responders while managing a 24/7 crisis response team for high-risk populations.  During this time Anthony experienced first-hand the types of stressful and traumatic scenarios that Chicago’s first responders are dealing with on a daily basis.  Besides coming from a military and law enforcement family, it is Anthony’s experiences as an OEF Army veteran and as a crisis response worker that have subsequently motivated him to provide the top-notch therapeutic services that veterans and first responders deserve. 

Anthony acknowledges that his life experiences have allowed him to cultivate an unbiased/non-judgmental space for his clients to process and grow. Anthony is honored that his clients allow him into their lives during their most difficult times and allow him to be a part of their journey toward regulation.

Anthony is a first-generation Mexican American and a second-generation Italian American that considers himself to be an ally to veterans, first responders, LGBTQIA, and BIPOC communities. 

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