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Danielle Mains, Behavioral Health Assistant

Danielle Mains joined us as a Behavioral Health Assistant from an award-winning career in photojournalism and marketing to the first responder mental health field as a personal passion. The spouse of a medically retired Firefighter/EMT and Army veteran, she helped advocate for the best mental health resources for her husband as she supported him in his mental health care after years of cumulative trauma. 


Being a fire spouse for 14 years while raising two kids, Mains knows the unique challenges of being a spouse of a first responder. After seeing how few mental health resources there were to specifically treat first responders, she began graduate school to become a mental health clinician, specializing in crisis and trauma.


Mains also commonly worked on and around fire grounds and law enforcement scenes in her original career as a photojournalist covering breaking news in the northwest suburbs. She worked as an arson investigative photographer for Woodstock Fire Rescue District. 


Together, Mains and her husband started Run For Our Lives, a fundraiser for Illinois Firefighter Peer Support, and has raised over 30k to help support the crisis line and training

 Please feel free to contact her directly M-F from 8am to 430 pm at 630-796-2961 or 

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