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Jesse Arvizu, Doctoral Intern

Provides individual therapy, couples therapy, and wellness visits.  

(Lombard & Telehealth)

Jesse Arvizu is a Navy veteran who served for seven years as a Fire Controlman, specializing in the maintenance and operation of the NATO Sea Sparrow Missile System. While stationed on the USS Boxer, he was a member of the ship’s reaction force team, which required tactical training to respond to situations involving active shooters, hostages, terrorism, and other threats. During his deployments, Jesse discovered a passion for supporting fellow service members facing mental health challenges, which led him to pursue a career in psychology.


After leaving the Navy in 2020, Jesse earned his bachelor's degree in psychology and began a doctoral program in 2021. Throughout his doctoral studies, he has gained extensive experience in psychometric testing, therapy, and researching evidence-based approaches to mental health. A recent course in trauma reignited his passion for assisting veterans and first responders.


Jesse's brother, a police officer in Dallas, TX, has frequently discussed the challenges faced in the field, further fueling Jesse's desire to work with first responders. Additionally, many of his Navy peers have transitioned into roles as police officers, firefighters, and veterans, each facing unique challenges that require specialized attention. Jesse aims to leverage his experience, training, and dedication to connect with and make meaningful impacts on the lives of first responders and veterans seeking services

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