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Highland Park Response

We want to thank all of the first responders who helped out the Highland Park community on July 4th. We hope you all can continue to heal.


• Try to slowly get back into your normal routine

• Do healthy things for your body (eat fruits, vegetables, whole grain, beans), exercise (30 min. a day), & sleep (8 hours)

• Grounding, practicing being present in the here and now (Use all 5 senses)

• Avoid excesses such as food, alcohol, shopping, gambling, exercise, etc.

• Socialize with others & talk about your feelings with others you trust

• Try therapy and/or spiritual counselors

• Get outdoors, read, play, and stay involved in your hobbies

• Volunteer or participate in other community activities to reduce isolation

• Watch comedies or look at, a positive upbeat online news media • Look at for guidance on what movies, TV shows, cartoons, that could be triggering for your situation. Commonsense media reports on positive message, positive role models, violence, sex, language, drinking, drugs, and smoking, and consumerism.

• Turn Media off & Take a Break: You may want to know what is happening with your critical incident, but the updates can also add distress. Consider if you truly want to know or not, if so, then give yourself time limits.

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