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9/11 We will never forget



First responders, parents, sons, daughters and friends went to work.  Their lives were forever changed. Radical Islamic Terrorists committed an unspeakable act.

In the World Trade Center and near it there were 2 606 persons, including:
1 762 residents of New York
1 402 persons in Tower 1
674 residents of New Jersey
658 employees of Cantor Fitzgerald L.P.
614 persons in Tower 2
355 employees of Marsh Inc.
343 firefighters
175 employees of Aon Corporation
37 Port Authority police officers
23 police officers
2 paramedics
1 firefighter was killed by a man who jumped off the top floors
On the airplanes there were 246 members of the crews and passengers. All these people died.
87 on American Airlines Flight 11
60 on United Airlines Flight 175
59 on American Airlines Flight 77
40 on United Flight 93
During the attack on the Pentagon 125 military personnel and civilians died.
Not only should we never forget, but remember those that died, and those who murdered, and why. Hate killed our people. We must also be vigilant. 


Remember more people helped others than hurt others that day!  

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