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Northwest Police Academy Training

December 7, 2017

Just finished a training for Northwest Police Academy to help teach Chiefs, DC, Sgt, etc. what they can do to promote officer resiliency and how to take care of their staff, before, during and after a critical incident.   We also talked about doing mental health check in's.  Many of the Police Chiefs were interested in this idea to keep their officers well.  


A mental health check in is similar to a physical check up, it is done once a year.  An officer meets with a police psychologist and talks about their current coping skills.  The psychologist is there to help acknowledge and remind the officer what current coping skills they are using that are likely beneficial as well as giving them a few more ideas of how to cope with the stress of policing.  This is not a fitness for duty nor is it to diagnose a mental illness.  It is simply a check in.  The benefit of this is also to create a relationship with a police psychologist so if ever there is a critical incident, a relationship has already started.  Please contact me if you would like to find out more.  630-909-9094.  

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