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Dr. Reynolds is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist 

Provides psychological testing and therapy


Dr. Reynolds has worked in jail and correctional settings.  She graduated with a doctorate in Clinical Forensic Psychology with a concentration in Neuropsychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Dr. Reynolds was recognized for her academic achievements and honored with a Forensic Student Award for Commitment to Diversity. Dr. Reynolds’ clinical background consists of work with the incarcerated population, specifically in correctional facilities, state mental health facilities, and juvenile detainment. She completed her pre-doctoral internship at Minnesota Department of Corrections, conducting psychological assessment and group psychotherapy with incarcerated males serving life imprisonment. She completed her post-doctoral fellowship conducting risk assessments with detained youth and parenting assessments with Child Protective Services.


Dr. Reynolds possesses multiple years of experience collaborating with law enforcement personnel in these settings as means to create a supportive, united front during critical incidents, security risks, and case management. Dr. Reynolds is able to understand the cultural dynamic, occupational stressors, and societal challenges that first responders encounter. 


Striving to offer a direct, authentic approach, Dr. Reynolds addresses mental health concerns through identification and education on the complexities of psychological distress, while also alleviating symptoms. Dr. Reynolds specializations include: trauma-informed care, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychological/forensic assessment, crisis intervention, de-escalation skills, group and individual debriefs, and persistent mental illness. 

Contact: or direct at 1-708-762-9767

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