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Psychological Evaluations 
FRWC offers police and public service psychological testing that exceeds the standards and guidelines offered by the Illinois Chiefs of Police and the American Psychological Association.   Testing is completed to assist the individual and organization in an unbiased, professional manner, utilizing state of the art assessment practices. 
FRWC Pre-employment Information:
Pre-employment testing at the First Responders Wellness Center includes review of any background history gathered by the referring department, a clinical interview with the candidate, psychological testing specific to first responders and pre-employment testing, and a written report including recommendation for hire.  The clinical interview includes an assessment of the candidate’s personal background, education and training, work/military history, driving record, legal history, financial record, alcohol consumption, illegal substance use, aggression level, relationship history and mental health.  
The psychological testing includes a test of general intelligence that describes the level at which the individual learns, understands instructions, and solves problems.  This test provides quantitative insight as to how easily individuals can be trained and how well they can adjust and solve problems on the job.  
Testing for pathology includes a self-report inventory that is a standardized, and normed measure of the extent and dimension of the Diagnostic and Statistical manual-related psychopathology.  The results are compared against applicants for the public safety positions who were referred to identify and screen out emotionally unstable applicants.  
Testing for suitability includes normal personality traits conducive to public safety positions and an inventory to assess an individual’s suitability for a job in public safety field.
The clinical report will include specific risk level as well as ‘suitable’ or ‘not suitable’ for a position in public safety position.   

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact FRWC at 630-909-9094. 
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