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Dr. Liza Franklin, Post-Doc

Psychological testing and wellness visits; not taking on new clients

Dr. Franklin is a post-doctoral psychologist. She graduated with a doctorate in clinical psychology from the Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. Her clinical experience was geared toward working with first responders and veterans. She worked with student veterans at Rutgers and her last practicum experience was with the World Trade Center Clinic, servicing people who were at Ground Zero. Dr. Franklin specifically chose the Buffalo VA for her internship, gaining valuable experience working with veterans, including veterans were serving as law enforcement officers, in the treatment of trauma responses, chronic pain, and substance use.


Before starting her doctoral program in 2018, Dr. Franklin spent 21 years as an attorney in the City of Chicago Department of Law’s Federal Civil Rights Litigation Division, the Division charged with defending Chicago Police officers and the City in lawsuit alleging intentional misconduct. During that time, she gained valuable experience working with Chicago Police officers and seeing the problems officers face. As part of her Masters in Counseling, received prior to starting her doctoral training, Dr. Franklin interned with the Chicago Police Department’s Employee Assistance Program.


Dr. Franklin’s dissertation, “To Be CPD: Inside the Lived Experience of Chicago Police Officers”, collected data on the prevalence of PTSD, depression, problematic alcohol use, and anxiety symptoms among active officers. Her goal is to publish this data in order to assist officers in getting the help they need.

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