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Fitness For Duty Preparation

A Fitness for Duty Evaluation (FFDE) is a specialized inquiry conducted by a specially qualified psychologist or psychiatrist in response to complaints of an officer’s reported inability to perform official duties in a safe and effective manner because of mental illness or significant deterioration in cognitive abilities.

A Fitness for Duty Evaluation is not a standard psychological evaluation but focused upon the question of the peace officers occupational or vocational functionality. A FFDE is not a substitute for supervision or a mode of discipline.

Psychological Fitness for duty evaluations are necessary for the safety and welfare of the community and of department personnel and to ensure compliant with federal, state, and local laws that require commissioned and law enforcement officers be free from any physical, emotional, or mental conditions that might adversely affect the exercise of the duties of the peace officer in any way.

To request a Fitness for Duty Evaluation, a written referral from your agency will be required detailing the reasons for the referral. To capture the officer’s pattern of conduct documents requested may include performance evaluations, internal affairs investigations, use of force incidents, formal citizen/public complains, disciplinary actions, testimonials, commendations/awards, medical/psychological treatment and/or other supporting or relevant documentation related to the officer’s psychological fitness-for -duty.

The Fitness for Duty Evaluation results will include one of four determinants and concise recommendations. All recommendations will follow the essential questions dictated by the American with Disabilities Act. FFDE are provided in an unbiased professional manner utilizing state of the art assessment practices.

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