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Covid & Civil Unrest: How to promote resillency

Coping Strategies:

• Limit Sources of Information: Get your information about the news from one or two news platforms that you trust. Keep informed through these sites periodically as to not overwhelm yourself with too much information.

• Get Outside and walk: When possible, try to get at least 30 minutes of fresh air daily is a goal.

• Avoid Excess: Avoid too much caffeine, sugar, alcohol, screen time, etc. Try to find moderation. It is easy to binge watch TV, but find other activities to do around the house such as board games, spring cleaning, reorganizing, gardening, writing, playing guitar, listening to music, etc.

• Tactical Breathing: Inhale for 5 counts, hold for 5 counts, exhale for 8 counts or inhale for 3, hold for 3 and exhale for 3.

• Scents: consider using scents to make your space more enjoyable, even your squad car (i.e. candles, perfume, oils)

• Apps: Use Calm, Headspace, LifeArmor or another phone app to practice stress reduction techniques.

• Socialize Virtually & At Home: Ensure you are contacting family and friends through different means including social media platforms for those who are distant. Humans are social animals so keep connecting with others to avoid feeling lonely. Play card or board games, make a pizza or other food together, karaoke, etc.

• Eat Healthy: Eat nutrient dense foods including vegetables and fruits. Consider having food delivered to your home.

• Sleep: Prioritize your sleep and when possible, stick to a consistent wake and sleep schedule. Avoid caffeine 8 hours prior to bed. Avoid electronics 1 hour before bed.

• Do something nice for someone you love. Doing something for others, often can make us happier. This can be from opening a door to a home cooked dinner.

• Smile. Just the act of smiling can change your mood.

• Move. Get out of your squad car/home and walk around, visit a park, or find a nice outdoor view. Staying still increases the risk of depression.

• Have Fun: Watch comedies, go to or for positive and inspiring stories, reminisce about the old times with someone, look at old pictures, plan a vacation for the future, etc.

Our office is offering telehealth, which is virtual therapy at your own home using your phone or computer. We are also seeing clients in the office as well.

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