First Responders Wellness Center (FRWC) is a resource for first responders and their departments.  FRWC specializes in strategic therapy and intervention techniques for law enforcement, first responders and Veterans.  FRWC provides specialized training, intervention, crisis management, and therapy.  Therapy services include E.M.D.R., Exposure, Neurofeedback and Cognitive Behavioral therapy.  These therapies are all evidenced based therapies, practical, and action oriented for the needs of first responders.  FRWC also conducts psychological testing for police and public safety service members including pre-employment selection, special duty, and fitness for duty.

FRWC also is in partnership with the "Headstrong Project; to heal the hidden wounds of war."  The Headstrong Project is a non-profit organization that offers free psychological services to post 9/11 combat veterans showing signs or symptoms of PTSD and/or substance abuse.  If you are a combat veteran please register through the website at  and click "get treated" tab.   The Headstrong Project is truly confidential psychological services and "bureaucracy free".  

"Please feel free to email or call us for questions or consultation.  Remember prevention and early intervention are the key to long-term emotional wellness."  Contact: or Dr. Steiner, owner, direct at  Call direct at 1-630-909-9094 and Fax:  1-630-597-2583.

Locations:  477 Butterfield Rd. Suite 408 Lombard Il 60148 and 540 Frontage Rd. Suite 2125 Northfield, IL 60093.  

M-F from 8 am to 430 pm at 1-630-796-2961
or after hours/weekends at 1-630-909-9094